A training organized for volunteers from Užice and Čajetina

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A training for 40 young volunteers has beem organized in Cajetina on 23 and 24 December, as part of the program of cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Montenegro - Support for inclusive education and training for the everyday life of children and young people with disabilities, which is supported by the the European Union. The two-day seminar for volunteers aimed to increase the competence and skills of volunteers to provide support to children and youth with disabilities, and covered topics such as the development of inclusion, assistive technology, legislation in the field of education and social protection of children with disabilities, team work and communication with children and young people with disabilities.

Participants were volunteers from Uzice and Cajetina, who will participate in workshops with students of special school "Miodrag V. Matic "in Užice and with users of Day Care for Children with Disabilities in Čajetina, in next 12 months.

According to Jelena Zunić Cicvarić from Uzice Child Rights Centre, who completed the training, the participants were motivated and very satisfied with the amenities that were presented to them.

Jagoda Jeremic, coordinator of volunteers from Čajetina, said that the formation of volunteer service in Užice and Cajetina is planned, which will gather volunteers in training and in practical work, to deepen their knowledge.

Jagoda said that, for several years, the members of the Volunteer Social Service in Cajetina were participating in workshops with users of the Daycare Centre for children with disabilities, organized by Zlatibor Circle, a provider of social services. For them, and for new volunteers - participants of the seminar, training on the use of assistive technology will be organized, to facilitate learning in a regular classroom for children with special educational needs, and to develop skills for daily life of children and youth with disabilities. In Cajetina and Uzice, assistive technology centers will be equipped, in which trained teachers and professional workers will help users using a special apparatus, instruments and devices to overcome educational curricula. Through participation of volunteers Inclusion develops and the peer education is promoted, as part of the objectives of the project which is being implemented under the motto: Education without borders.

In Serbia, the project is implemented by primary school "Dimitrije Tucović" in cooperation with the Association of citizens Zlatibor Circle from Čajetina and the Special School "Miodrag V. Matić" from Užice.

In Montenegro, project is implemented by "Day center for children and youth with special needs and disabilities Pljevlja", in cooperation with the Centre for children and youth with disabilities from Berane, secondary school "Tanasije Pejatović" from Pljevlja and the Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities "Ray of hope".

Vesna Belčević, program asistant
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